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Time & Money
Warning: If printed, by law the "Specimen" bills must be at most three-fourths or at least one and a half times the size of a genuine bill
B.F. Lyon
This visualization provides one view of the connection between time and money. A few extra notes are here, and a short demo is on youtube here.

It shows via "flowing currency" the amount of money represented for a given rate per hour or year.

You can enter an hourly rate or annual salary/amount, specify the number of people or entity name, or run the simulation for one of the preconfigured scenarios.

See how much money is being spent right now by Congress and the President, by our government, or how much is being earned by the total US working population.

Using your company's rates, put this on the screen during meetings to help sharpen focus: that meeting time is costing someone that money flowing by.

Clicking on a coin/bill will bring up a popup that provides some summary information on the currency.

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